Fleas, Moths & other insects

Fleas can be a huge nuisance, causing discomfort and pain as well as creating disruption if they’re found in business premises. The first signs of a flea problem will include things like flea bites on you and your pets, seeing your pets scratching and sometimes you’ll be able to see fleas on your pets too. Fleas don’t generally respond to treatments you can buy in a shop and only a specialist treatment by skilled professionals will stop them in their tracks.

Moths are another insect that can cause disruption and damage. You may find clothes and soft furnishings have been damaged in storage, or could discover that moths have eaten uncovered food in your kitchen or larder. There are various ways to eradicate moths from your premises, ranging from heat treatments through to chemical treatment.

Other insects that could cause problems in your home or business premises include cockroaches, spiders, ladybirds, woodworm, silverfish and flies.

When you call Pest-Tec-Crawley to sort out your issues with fleas, moths or other insects, you can be sure we won’t just treat the symptoms of the problem. Our professional, targeted solutions will get to the root of the issues, eradicating not just the insects but also their eggs and larvae.

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With experience of more than 10 years, Pest-Tec-Crawley has a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in all things pest control. We can eliminate all unwanted guests at your property from fleas through to foxes; no job is too big or too small

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