Fox Control London
Pest-Tec-Crawley Environmental are experienced and expert in fox control London. We cover all boroughs and are on-call in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our pest control services are discreet and professional for both our private domestic and commercial clients.

Don’t be fooled by the friendly fox! Even if you think it looks cute, it can cause a lot of damage to your London home or property. Obviously most of the foxes we deal with in the capital are ‘urban foxes’. Common issues are that the animal is causing problems by behaviour such as digging up flower beds, or ripping through refuse bags.

Secondly, if you keep pets such as rabbits in your garden then you need to ensure they are kept safe in cages which prevent the fox from being encouraged to enter your garden and/or premises. We are always on hand to provide advice and may be able to give more specific information about your London fox control problem.

We can use cage traps with bait to catch and remove the foxes from your property and in some cases if safe to do so shoot them when the fox comes for bait that Pest-Tec-Crawley has left out. Often we will ask you to pick an area in your garden to bait up each night. No matter what your problem with foxes, call Pest-Tec-Crawley first for fox control in London.

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